Worldwide, the last few years have drastically altered public and private employment patterns. Data from governing systems and market research efforts alike attest to the increased volume of corporate shifts, citing timely and favorable conditions for employee job relocation.

The accompanying challenges relocation previously posed have greatly eased during these past few decades due to tech evolvement. However, it was not until the 2020 global pandemic from COVID-19 that changing residence for professional purposes had such a steep incline in popularity.

Adding to the mix of a changing business world, job relocation has also been affected by influential circumstances, such as:

  • Increasing remote work demands
  • Expanding mobile capabilities
  • Widening generational beliefs
  • Rising care for mental health

Due to all these variations within our professional employment space, Search Solution Elite and the founder, Jeremy Gnozzo, decided to dig deeper. SSE utilized the network of almost 25k connections Gnozzo built through LinkedIn and directly asked what factors contributed to this transformation trend. 

The results of this poll offered surprising new insights and outlooks straight from the current employment market. 

The post from Gnozzo’s personal LinkedIn account gained 23,407 views and 605 votes. With perspective to benchmark poll results, metrics typically garner an average of 250 responses. This level of engagement from such a targeted audience proved even greater legitimacy to recent trends. 

Opportunities for advancement are a huge player for job relocation. With more freedom and perks now offered, views on changing job locations are weighed more positively. This type of opportunity has become not just acceptable, yet favorable for career path options.

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