Allison Horton named new Vice President of Search Solution Executive

Written by Olivia Chilson

January 28, 2020

Charlotte, N.C. – January 28th, 2020  – Allison Horton named new Vice President of Search Solution Executive

Search Solution Executive, one of the nation’s fastest-growing headhunting and executive search firms, announces Allison Horton as the new Vice President. As Vice President, Horton will lead the ongoing operations of the brand, along with oversight of the company’s Marketing, L&D, and Wellness initiatives.

Seated in the Charlotte, NC headquarters, the newly created role will report directly to the Founder and President of Search Solution Executive, Jeremy Gnozzo. 

“After exploring our options both internally and externally, it is undeniable that Allison is the best candidate for this role. No other candidate could bring the skills, strategic mindset, and professional aptitude to the company that she does,” says Gnozzo.  “As the first person to partner with me exclusively on our national executive level assignments, she played a key role in our growth and success as a company. She has proven that she is reliable, extremely detail oriented, and a strong leader. She represents our organization at the highest level and has always maintained a high level of professionalism with clients, candidates, and our leadership team within Search Solution Group. Allison’s promotion to this position is a vital component to executing a plan I have had since starting this company in 2002. With her at the reins, I will have the flexibility to focus on our executive clientele by traveling more to meet with our Fortune 500 and Private 100 clients face to face while she continues to lead our teams. As the brand continues to elevate the boutique search experience, I know that her strategic vision and customer-first approach will enable us to be able to deliver more to our clients.”

Having been with the company for more than four years, Horton has served in a number of senior leadership roles. Prior to her promotion to VP, she served as Director of Talent & HR Recruiting for Search Solution Executive as well as Engagement Manager. With 10 years’ experience in business, recruiting, and marketing, Horton is ready to take on new challenges and lead the company to new levels of success.

“I’m approaching this with humility, extreme gratitude, and bold plans for the future,” says Horton.  “I am excited for what the future holds and grateful to have seen this company evolve and develop over the last 4 years. I have the best team I could ask for. They are hardworking, smart, full of great ideas and I plan to be that person for them as well.”

As VP of Search Solution Executive, Horton will also be responsible for leading the corporate social responsibility for the brand as well as collaborating on company-wide employee engagement and wellness initiatives. 

“One of my big initiatives this year is giving back to the community and getting more involved in local charities. We have a calendar full of events and we welcome future partnerships.” – Allison Horton. 

For more information on Search Solution Executive, visit our website or contact Cara Walters.

For more information on Allison Horton click here. 

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