Private Equity Survival Secret: How to Stay Afloat During a Pandemic

2020 has been an eye-opener, to say the least. Over the past 12 months, we have worked with dozens of Private Equity firms that have been impacted by the global pandemic.

Over the last 9 months, investors have had to adapt to daunting economical changes while also finding ways to balance financial support for existing portfolio companies and raising capital for new endeavors. The impact of the pandemic forced many companies to make tough decisions like furloughs, layoffs, and standstills in recruitment. Now that the economy is improving, they are left with the heavy burden of rebuilding and developing their talent.

As the recovery efforts continue, one of the biggest tools investment firms can use to keep their businesses afloat is to partner with a premier executive search firm, such as Search Solution Elite.

Search Solution Elite provides over 18+ years of headhunting experience and has maintained a 97% client retention rate since 2002. With extensive industry knowledge in the private sector, our endless network of top talent continues to grow.

As the very real possibility of another lockdown looms in our future, timing is critical for investors to place top talent in their firms and portfolio companies. Bad hires can lead to costly turnovers and low-quality output which could drastically impact revenue and success at this delicate time.

SSE provides well trained experts who specialize in niche areas of industry focus. Our main priority is to customize searches thoroughly to fit each company’s’ needs by connecting them with the perfect candidates based on skillsets essential for their team.

  • Do you need a Managing Director with an ample background in FinTech or ESG? We have got you covered.
  • Are you looking for a candidate with high-growth startup experience (pre-IPO) in SaaS? Not a problem.

SSE’s talent pool is vast, and our specialized headhunters are highly knowledgeable in specific roles, industry trends, and will devote full-time efforts to identify ideal contenders.

Investment firms can rest assured that our team provides the expertise and due diligence research to place candidates within our clients’ targeted time frame. Most importantly, these search techniques will vastly improve an organization’s bottom line.

Offering 40% lower costs than the competitors, Search Solution Elite’s fees are based ONLY on the first-year salary. The amount of time and money saved by this partnership will go back to where it belongs: your firm and portfolios.

Search Solution Elite cares about our clients as we understand what a truly successful partnership demands. Private Equity firms can have confidence that partnering with SSE’s award-winning approach is an investment that will reap endless benefits for years to come.

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