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LI-COR is an international biotech company that designs, manufactures, and markets instruments, measurement systems, and software for biological and environmental research.

  • Headquarters: Lincoln, Nebraska
  • Privately Held / 250+ Employees


Solutions & Support Scientist

Life Science Senior Sales Leader


  • Presentation Experience
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Collaborative
  • Problem Solver
  • Public Speaking
  • Sales Experience


After being disappointed time and time again by other agencies, LI-COR was hesitant to try again.

“The other agencies seemed like they would just throw spaghetti against the wall. Even after we told them exactly what we needed, they were simply not listening” says Morgan Gerteisen, Senior Manager of Talent and Operations of LI-COR. “I was very hesitant to try another firm. I wanted us to try to fill the positions on our own, but our hiring managers just don’t have the time to sort through hundreds of resumes.”

After partnering with the team at Search Solution Elite, LI-COR experienced the difference our five-step proven process

“I’ve worked in HR for over a decade and Search Solution Elite is hands down the best firm I have ever worked with. The candidates were excellent quality and the communication and responsiveness of the team enabled us to fill the positions quickly. They continued to reach out to us to offer assistance with other roles and have truly made our lives easier.” – Morgan Gerteisen.

By asking the right questions throughout the process, the Search Solution Elite team was able to understand the exact
talent needs of LI-COR and deliver top-quality candidates. Utilizing our strategic headhunting approach, we were able to show
the difference a boutique search firm provides.

“The experiential difference offered by Search Solution Elite is unmatched. Like many of our clients, LI-COR was not confident that the process could be different until partnering with my team of elite headhunters,” says Jeremy Gnozzo, Founder and President of Search Solution Elite. “The team did exactly what LI-COR hired us to do, with a quality of service that they didn’t know existed. Now, we have developed a strong partnership that I look forward to seeing continue for a very long time.”

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