On average, for a corporate job position, there are 250 resumes sent to your internal Human Resources team. Internal HR teams have a hard time filling the roles for these reasons:

  • Lack of talent applying for these positions.
  • Ability to apply for a position online, even when the candidate is not qualified.
  • Internal recruiters tend to be overworked and responsible for too many areas.
    •  Making them less specialized in recruiting for specific positions. They tend to focus on hiring for a variety of roles across different departments and lack the understanding of specific jobs.
  • Internal HR teams have competing responsibilities, such as payroll, benefits administration, etc.

Many sources report that 75-88% of applicants who apply for a job posting lack the qualifications requested. It takes time for the internal HR team to sort through these unqualified resumes. Companies are wasting resources such as time and money, and losing qualified candidates.

As headhunters at Search Solution Elite, we have a specialized pool of candidates that we work with nationwide. This is comprised of passive and active candidates. Our talent pool consists of people that have a unique skill set. Our team takes additional measures to learn what makes these candidates special and qualified. We do this before you need the hire, so you do not have to.

Our passive candidates usually come from competitor companies and they are not actively applying for jobs, so your internal HR teams do not know they are open to exploring new opportunities.

While an internal HR team is sorting through resumes, the top candidates are likely to have already been presented with another opportunity. Internal hiring teams typically are not as specialized. The time to fill an open position is longer than when you call a specialized headhunting firm that already has an extensive network in that market.

Headhunters are like talent scouts. We specialize in niche markets, where we have developed a pipeline of candidates with skills and experience in a specific area. If you want to reclaim your HR teams’ time, save money, access to a huge network that makes hiring a priority, and find talent in specific industries, then partnering with Search Solution Elite is your answer.