As an award-winning headhunting firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Search Solution Elite has a deep understanding of the job market within the Carolinas and the unique challenges it presents. 

Over the past 18 years, our team of professional headhunters has gained first-hand experience in the industry as well as proven themselves capable of placing quality candidates in the ideal positions at the most suitable companies.

Quote by Jeremy Gnozzo about Job Market in the Carolina's

Search Solution Elite’s strength and resilience were tested this year due to the pandemic and its impact on the job markets both locally and nationally. As a headhunting firm, it is our responsibility to work collaboratively with our clients and candidates to find talent solutions. 

Due to the pandemic, there was an enormous decrease in open positions. Some of the truly frightening stats we found through The North Carolina Department of Commerce stated that:

  • During the early stages of economic impact from COVID-19, there was a 42% decrease in the number of jobs posted statewide in North Carolina
  • The largest areas (such as Charlotte, Raleigh, and Durham) had the largest numerical declines. 
  • In recent weeks, 2 metro areas (Wilmington and Asheville) have similar percentage declines.

Even with the decrease in the number of jobs being posted, our success did not falter.
We increased our efforts to partner with businesses to ensure that Search Solution Elite would fulfill their hiring needs. 

Despite the troubling job market in 2020, Search Solution Elite has only persisted, making over 400 placements within the Carolinas alone. In the last 18+ years, there have been over 1200+ placements in North Carolina and over 230 in South Carolina. 

If organizations in the Carolinas want to recover effectively and efficiently, they need to be able to understand the market trends that we have seen this past year. This year has taught our firm to be professionally flexible and will help us to better navigate 2021.

Companies in the Carolinas can feel confident and hopeful for the future with Search Solution Elite as their partner.