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What Sets Our Hospitality Recruiting & Headhunting Apart?

Quality Candidates & Rapid Delivery

Quality Candidates & Rapid Delivery

Our team is dedicated to providing top diversified talent through our rapid yet thorough search process to best fit your company's needs.

Depth of Hospitality Knowledge for a Thriving Workforce

Depth of Hospitality Knowledge for a Thriving Workforce

Success starts with the people within your organization. We deliver top candidates who are qualified to take your organization to the next level in an ever-changing climate.

Expert Recruiters, Headhunters & Executive Networks

Expert Recruiters, Headhunters & Executive Networks

Our seasoned recruiters devote extensive research and exploration into our vast talent pool and executive connections for top Hospitality candidates.











Keys To Our Approach: How To Implement Your Hospitality Initiatives


Statistics: The hospitality industry accounted for one out of every ten employment opportunities in 2018 – bringing the number of hospitality professionals to a remarkable 319 million.


Truth: Embracing the ever-changing hospitality climate can account for greater business innovation and ultimately, healthy & profitable growth.


Results: Through incorporating new strategic initiatives, and by valuing every team members differing strengths and skillsets, our clients unlock their maximum business potential!

We have placed top professionals at

leading organizations throughout the world.




Specialized in Identifying Elite Talent for a Powerful Workforce

 At SSE, we understand the importance of incorporating varying backgrounds, perspectives and experiences for true organizational success. 

Here are some of the many details we take into account during our elite search process.

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