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Headhunters vs Internal HR Teams

On average, for a corporate job position, there are 250 resumes sent to your internal Human Resources team. Internal HR teams have a hard time filling the roles for these reasons: Lack of talent applying for these positions. Ability to apply for a position online,...

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Executive Compensation Declines

Executive compensation or pay is the financial payments and non-monetary benefits provided to high-level management in exchange for their work on behalf of an organization. Senior management and executive-level employees play an important role in the company because...

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Understanding Retained Search

In today’s global marketplace, companies are competing like never before to attract the best leadership talent. The most critical decision a company can make is its investment in human capital, especially their higher-level positions. Making a bad hire in your top...

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The Future of Remote Work Depends on YOU

With the growing concerns around COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Search Solution Executive understands how scary this outbreak is, and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy.  On a work-related note, we receive daily requests from people seeking remote jobs. Maybe...

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