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Josh Mensinger

Partner and Engagement Manager

Area of Expertise:

Executive level HR and Total Rewards


Gritty, Dedicated, Loyal, Thoughtful, Hustle, Grind

“Success to me is being the best at what you do but not having to vocalize that to everyone because they know it through your work ethic, attitude, and how you treat the people around you. Plus, when you walk into a room or speak up, people listen not out of fear but out of respect and the desire to learn from you. Success is overcoming obstacles that may have been placed in your way but never losing sight of perspective of where you came from or where other people may come from.”

Josh keeps the human element in recruiting. He understands that there is an emotional element to making a job movement and never loses sight of that with the candidates he partners with.

Josh is from a small town in Virginia called Luray. He went to Virginia Tech and graduated with a Health & Nutrition degree and was the first person in his family to graduate from a four-year school. He has traveled from Seattle. Washington to Washington, DC for an entire summer. On that trip, he raised awareness for people with disabilities.

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