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Search Solution Executive Launches New Corporate Social Responsibility Program

Written By Adrienne Ervay

February 6, 2020

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has always resonated with me, and I am proud to officially launch Search Solution Executive’s initiatives in this area. Our program will address all four components of CSR: philanthropic efforts, environmental conservation, company diversity and labor practices, and supporting volunteer efforts.

After further conversation with my team, I realized the passion everyone has for the charities they personally support. While Search Solution Group has always made a point to donate to non-profit organizations, the newly established executive brand needed to take its first steps in this direction.

We wanted everyone on our team to have equal input in the charities we chose, so we decided to dedicate each month of the year to a different charity. We had our team list 3 charities they had the strongest connection with, and our goal was for each member to lead the charge in supporting their charity of choice for their month.

This brought a new level of engagement, excitement, and purpose to the team – which is something corporations can’t ignore. We are hoping our passion for these causes will not only be shared with our network locally and nationally, but also inspire more people and more companies to take similar action.

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