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Search Solution Executive Supports Girls in STEM

Written by Adrienne Ervay

March 2, 2020

Last weekend, Search Solution Executive and Ekos co-hosted a Girls in STEM workshop for the Dottie Rose Foundation 

As a leader in the recruiting space, we see first-hand the lack of women that are applying for jobs in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. It’s one of our goals to help fill the career gap in these industries and that starts with introducing STEM as a potential career path as early as possible 

Our Director of Brand Acceleration, Cara Walters, has worked with the Dottie Rose Foundation in the past and commends their commitment to introducing young girls to possibilities from a career in STEM. “This is my second year in a row partnering with the Dottie Rose Foundation, and coming from a tech background, I noticed the lack of female representation in these fields. I’m proud that awareness is starting to grow and even more honored that we’re able to directly influence the youth of this generation.” 

Search Solution Executive welcomed 17 middle school-age girls to our uptown office in Charlotte, NC and had various tech related stations prepared. Our stations included an interactive excel maze that teaches basic coding skills, a solar system diorama that explains leap year, and a candle making station that leverages the Ekos brew master’s technology.  

Our Senior Executive Recruiter, Erin Gregory, had a personal connection to this event as well. “Growing up, I was never expected to do well in math and science, it was just assumed that boys would be more interested in those subjects, so teachers inadvertently focused on their success.” Gregory recalled. That’s why today mattered so much to me, it’s really empowering to see organizations ignite a shift to help young girls thrive in predominantly male environments. 

We had a great time collaborating with Ekos and the Dottie Rose Foundation and are looking forward to many more events to come! 


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