Search Solution Executive Dominates Total Rewards Retained Search

Charlotte, NC, Feb. 2019 – For the past year, Jeremy Gnozzo and a team of the nation’s top headhunters have been hard at work developing a totally new approach to executive search. With a core competency in the Human Resources field and a dominant national reputation for expertise in Total Rewards, the firm has one of the most extensive networks of talent within the space. However, by utilizing a proprietary blend of psychometric testing and assessments, the firm has found itself in uncharted waters. This unique and specialized approach to providing clients with top-level executive talent is gaining the newly branded division new clients every day.

Over the past 17 years, Jeremy and his team have placed over 120 Total Rewards leaders at top companies. They have done so by completely saturating the talent market, building long-lasting relationships, and also through developing something new: a unique combination of psychometric testing and character assessment. The merger of a traditional headhunting mentality combined with scientifically supported data is giving the new executive division the competitive advantage needed to grow at over 200% year over year.

Mr. Gnozzo and his team hope to apply these same techniques to other areas, starting with finance and supply chain. With a scalable and proven approach, the firm predicts triple-digit growth over the next three years.

Search Solution Executive Dominates Total Rewards Retained Search
Search Solution Executive Dominates Total Rewards Retained Search

“Jeremy is easily one of the most effective HR Executive Search leaders to connect with, he is always clear, forthright and professional. His understanding of the evolving HR function and expectations from a Global HR leader help him guide and recommend the most aligned roles. I really appreciate his excitement and energy (very contagious) and recommend Search Solution Executive wholeheartedly.”

David J

Global Head of Total Rewards | Global Energy Company

“It’s exhilarating to be at the forefront of innovation in an industry that, until recently, hasn’t strayed far from traditional strategies. Along with our groundbreaking approach to candidate evaluation, our network of talent and 17 years of mastery in Total Rewards executive search distinguishes us as the clear industry leaders.”

Josh Mangum

Sr. Director of Corporate Strategy, Search Solution Group