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Recruitment firms are notoriously known for “ghosting” their candidates during the recruiting process. They get paid by the company, not the candidate. So why would a headhunter waste their time staying in touch with a candidate? As long as they keep the client happy and get their paycheck, that’s all that matters.

This couldn’t be further from the truth at Search Solution Executive. In fact, it’s actually the candidate that’s doing the ghosting! How so?

candidates and recruiter discussing jobsWell, after countless hours of working with a candidate through interview preparations, debriefing and basically being their personal mentor, the headhunter is ghosted after the candidate secures a position. Candidates are quick to call our Search Solution Executive when they need a job, but fail to remember our award-winning firm when their new company has hiring needs.

Unfortunately, this happens all too often in the industry. Candidates only see and remember recruiting firms as being able to represent them. They never think about the benefits of having a recruiter on the other side—for their company as a client.

The facts are clear: vacant positions cost companies more than just revenue and as costly as a vacant position is, a bad hire is even worse. Even if you landed that high-paying HR job, can your company really afford for you to make a bad hire on a position you know nothing about?

recruiter and candidates meeting to discuss jobOne of the reasons Search Solution Executive’s placements are so successful is because our recruiters specialize in specific verticals—Human Resources, Accounting, Supply Chain, etc.—instead of trying to be the expert in every field. With this specialized knowledge comes a rolodex full of connections. Since recruiters already have an established relationship with numerous respectable businessmen and women in the industry, it’s no surprise 94% of our firm’s candidates are headhunted from their current position. Unlike HR managers, recruiters at Search Solution Executive aren’t limited to whomever submits a job application; they have a wealth of outstanding candidates at their fingertips.

Keep in mind, it’s never a bad idea to know a specialized headhunter on both sides, especially as quickly as things change in the business world today. Something to consider: if a headhunting firm is qualified to help with your personal job search, aren’t they qualified enough to hire for your team?