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In today’s global marketplace, companies are competing like never before to attract the best leadership talent. The most critical decision a company can make is its investment in human capital, especially their higher-level positions. Making a bad hire in your top management can have devastating consequences for your company. According to a study done by SHRM, this error could cost up to five times the annual salary of the failed hire.

Companies are turning to a retained search approach to make sure that their leadership positions are being filled successfully. A retained search firm invests time and resources in understanding their client’s industry and individual needs. Given the strategic importance of these positions, Search Solution Group understands that there is often a degree of urgency and/or confidentiality that accompanies this type of search. Retained searches are given priority status in terms of the level of consulting talent assigned to conduct the search and the time and resources that are dedicated to the project. When using our retained search approach, Search Solution is dedicated to you and the success of your search engagement.

Benefits of Using Retained Search Approach with Search Solution:

Time and cost- Finding qualified high-level candidates can be time consuming and costly. By partnering with us you are mitigating the risk of bad hires. Costs associated with a bad hire can be expensive, as mentioned above.

A retained search focuses on quality. We not only focus on finding the most qualified candidates for your open leadership role, but we find this talent for less than what our competitors charge. We have 40% lower costs than our outdated competitors, and our fees are based only on the first-year salary, compared to our competition who tends to focus on total compensation.

At Search Solution, you will be working with the best headhunters with a year-over-year success rate of 98%.

Process and Focus- The upfront structure of retained search ensures that the search engagement takes higher priority than other types of search methods. There is a guaranteed level of commitment to you and your company during this approach. We have seen that candidates are more attracted and responsive to retained search.

At Search Solution, you will be working with the best headhunters who focus and excel in your industry. We have specialized teams who are fully immersed in their specific areas of expertise which include: Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Operations & Manufacturing, Human Resources, Compensation & Benefits, Sales & Business, Development Marketing, IT, Legal, Life Sciences and Fintech.

Pipeline and network- Jeremy Gnozzo started this company 18 years ago building our widespread network of candidates across several industries. We utilize our own extensive network which includes both active candidates as well as a pipeline of potential or passive job seekers. Our team has over 1 million candidates in our pipeline.

Vetted candidates- We take the time to understand what your organization is looking for in a position. With this search we have the highest level of reporting, background checks, and reference checking, in addition to face-to-face or Skype interviewing according to client preference.

At Search Solution we only submit a candidate for this role if we know they meet your requirements. You do not have to worry about a parade of candidates that miss the mark, resulting in wasted time.

Search Solution will locate and persuade top leaders who are not actively looking, because the most successful candidates for your company will be currently employed. They will not be found on job boards, nor will they be thinking about making a career change. Through competent and strategic research and preparation, in conjunction with years of professional experience, we can convince even the best of the best to consider new, and often competitive opportunities.

Learn more about the different types of searches we offer at Search Solution and which is the best for your company based on your needs.

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