Recruiters and employers are all too familiar with the shifting economy as consequences from pre and post-COVID markets. Triggering new waves of both the Great Reassessment and the Great Resignation, companies’ approaches to the hiring process have been forced to evolve. One of the major players is job postings, as long-standing posts often deter quality applicants.


There are plenty of reasons why a job posting may be left up for months at a time. A company may not have enough quality talent for the specific role, cannot find the right fit for their culture, or the hiring team is overwhelmed with their current workload and cannot dedicate time to complete the hiring process. In addition, a long-standing job post could often be indicative of a compensation and benefits package that is not aligning with the role that is being filled.

“A long-standing job post is telling your candidates and competition you don’t have the internal resources to successfully hire the right team.”
Jeremy Gnozzo, CEO & Founder, Search Solution Elite


  1. Time to Hire – Regardless of the reasoning, long-standing job posts can do more damage than good when filling a necessary role. The time-to-hire extension will cost the company lost time in fulfilling that gap of duties, often resulting in impending suffrage from either incomplete tasks or unloading more work onto current employees.
  2. Financial Cost – In addition, there is a hefty financial cost, as continuous reposting on job boards or running paid advertising for the position can add up over time.
  3. Rethinking Talent Outreach – Unsuccessful recruiting due to an unfilled job post will most likely cause a company to remove the job altogether to reassess, then repost later. During this period, there will be more time dedicated (and taken away from primary duties) to adjust the position’s details. Namely, employers will need to modify how they evaluate applicant results, develop new outreach strategies, and possibly even modify entire benefit offerings.
  4. Lost Candidates and Team Members to Competition – If a viewer can see your job posting, you can almost guarantee your competitors will see the same thing. So, if they are picking up on the same red flags as the prospect, they are inferring a potential competitive weakness in your recruiting approach and company culture.  They may utilize this knowledge to poach team members from your organization.




After witnessing a job post that went live months ago or has been reposted several times, it’s typical for an applicant to be wary or make certain assumptions. If their hiring process is clearly not working, then what other aspects of the company is also in disarray? Does the environment not boast a positive corporate culture, which could contribute to an unhealthy work-life balance, high turnover rates, or insufficient methods for strategic hiring processes?

Since finding a new job is a full-time job in and of itself, time is limited. Today’s workforce is smart and has been well trained in identifying potential red flags waived by long-standing job posts.



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